Obstetric Memoranda

1868 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
August 22, i868.J THE BRITISH MEDICAL fOURNAL. 189 days, during which she anxiously craved for it, and expressed herself much relieved by each dose. At the end of that period, she relapsed into her old state; and Mr. Fowler prescribed very small doses of cabmel, tartarised antimony, and morphia; and this relieved "like a charm"; but a short suspension was followed by the old symptoms, which were instantly relieved on resuming the medicine. The formula was: Hydrar. chlorid. gr. iv; antim.
more » ... . iv; antim. tartar. gr. j ; morphire hydrochlor. gr. iij; sacchar. purif. 3j. M. et divide in chartas x"j. One-third of a powder was given every two hours for six times, and afterwards every four hours, and then reduced to a fourth part. She is now convalescent. In this case, there can be no doubt that the brain was congested; and this was the source of all the nervous synmptoms. For the patient was not a nervous subject; and on a very hot day, in good health, whilst walking, she was suddenly seized with giddiness and pain in the bead; and the sleeplessness, the vertigo, as well a-s the relief from remedies adapted to an excited state of brain, indicated that the origin of the symptoms was cerebral. I dwell more on this, as, in many respects, the symptoms were what is usually called hysterical. A lady between thirty and forty, after a railway journey, was seized in the night with severe pain in the back of the head and behind the ears, and the impression that she should die; and this pain in the head, nervousness, and alarm remained, with greater or less severity, for a month, and was aggravated by her return home by railway. CASE iii.-For the following very clear account I am indebted to the father of a delicate girl of thirteen, whom I once attended, but in this case did not see, as she was taken ill at a watering-place on the coast. July 25th.-She was flushed, and complained of slight headache. July 26th (Sunday).-Sharp headache came on during church, and went off partially in an hour or two.
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