Eunice Nicolau, Seung Hwa Lee
2004 Organon  
The linguistic studies in Ancient Greek and Roman traditions were concerned about themeaning and gave priority to elaborate the theory of "Parts of Speech" –morphology was the principalconcerns of linguistic studies until the 18th century. In the 19th century, the phonological facts (soundchange) began to receive attentions in linguistic studies. In the beginning of Generative Grammar,there was no autonomous component for the lexicon, which was conceived simply as a list of lexicalformatives,
more » ... exicalformatives, but in later theories it is considered as a component of complex internal structures. Inthis perspective, word formation processes (derivation, inflection, compounding, etc.) have motivateddifferent hypotheses: Transformational Hypothesis, Weak Lexicalist Hypothesis and Strong LexicalistHypothesis. The objective of this study is to show the status of morphology in linguistic traditionsand its status in linguistic studies.
doi:10.22456/2238-8915.31160 fatcat:2cm4fvmtcjgknkhupuzhuck44a