On the selection of parts and processes during design of printed circuit board assemblies

M.O. Ball, J.S. Baras, S. Bashyam, R.K. Karne, V.S. Trichur
Proceedings 1995 INRIA/IEEE Symposium on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation. ETFA'95  
We consider a multiobjective optimization model that determines components and processes for given conceptual designs of printed circuit board assemblies. Speci cally, our model outputs a set of solutions that are Pareto optimal with respect to a cost and a quality metric. The discussion here broadly outlines an integer programming based solution strategy, and represents in-progress work being carried out in collaboration with a manufacturing rm.
doi:10.1109/etfa.1995.496724 fatcat:nvkdyu43brdspfamvzikfquuvi