Constructing a Dynamic Model of Human Brain to Process Information

2013 Joho Chishiki Gakkaishi  
Four simple numerical formulae of "Model of Lattice Structure"(MLS)expresses dynamics of "constant circulation " in which natural non-equilibrium open systems,including human brain, deviate from the balance of energy at the critical point and return to it. MLS is a fundamental model of "complementary criticality",and it is applied to "Dynamic Model of Human Brain to Process Information" (DMHB) for constructing DMHB' s core concept.DMHB expresses complementarily critical order of the cognitive
more » ... ural-networks in human brain constructively,complementarily critical order in which self-organization of information is attained dynamically. The formation and application of human knowledge is realized in the process of the dynamics of complementarily critical self-organization. キーワード : 地球規模の難題 相補的な臨界性 ラティスの構造モデル 入れ子構造 difficult global problem complementary criticality Model of Lattice Structure nested structure 1.人間の営みに相補的な臨界性を実現 せずして地球規模の難題に対処出来ない 筆者は1980 年代の初頭に地球環境問題・資 源エネルギーの枯渇・争いの激化など,地球
doi:10.2964/jsik.23_147 fatcat:2o2cxwa4bza2djrouuzdhnfkse