A Study on the Antiabrasion of the Aircraft Carbon Disk Brake
항공기의 탄소 디스크 브레이크의 내마모성에 관한 연구

Jang-Hyun Lee, Hyun-Ho Yum, Min-Sung Hong
2012 Journal of The Korean Society of Manufacturing Technology Engineers  
ABS(Anti-skid Brake System) had been developed on purpose of most effect at breaking in limited runway. An aircraft has a large amount of kinetic energy on landing. When the brakes are applied, the kinetic energy of the aircraft is dissipated as heat energy in the brake disks between the tire and the ground. The optimum value of the slip during braking is the value at the maximum coefficient of friction. An anti-skid system should maintain the brake torque at a level corresponding to this
more » ... m value of slip. This system is electric control system for brake control valve at effective control to prevent slip and wheel speed or speed ratio. In this study we measured the thickness of the carbon disk before and after to find its wear and it shows that carbon disk brake has higher stiffness and strength than metal disk at high temperature. In addition, thermal structural stability and appropriate frictional coefficient of the carbon disk brake prove its possible substitution of metal disk brake.
doi:10.7735/ksmte.2012.21.6.968 fatcat:4unoq4xmefcoxog6ruq34mjfxm