Thermodynamic Behaviors of a Kind of Self-Decoupling Magnetorheological Damper

Guojun Yu, Chengbin Du, Tiger Sun
2015 Shock and Vibration  
A theoretical model of temperature change on a kind of self-decoupling magnetorheological (SDMR) damper was established based on conservation of energy, and the constraint equation for structural design parameters of the SDMR damper was improved to satisfy heat dissipation requirements in this work. According to the theoretical model and improved constraint equation, the main structure parameters of SDMR damper were obtained and the damper was tested. The temperature performance test results
more » ... nce test results indicate that the rising temperature makes the damping force decline, and the main affection factors of temperature variation are excitation methods and input current. The results also show that the improved constraint equation and design method introduced are correct and efficient in the engineering.
doi:10.1155/2015/502747 fatcat:2q6v4qyjfffcfnxfzcmjxsohna