The Effects of a Mother's Characteristics and Self-awareness upon Parenting Stress
어머니의 특성 및 자아인식이 양육스트레스에 미치는 영향

Jin-Kyung Kim, He-Ra Kim
2012 Adonghakoeji  
The purpose of this study was to focus on the effects of a mother's characteristics and self-awareness as they impact upon parenting stress, with the additional aim of creating an appropriate structural equation model. The subjects of the study comprised 2078 newborn children (and their mothers) taken from the 1 st year of the Korea Children's Panel. The results of the research are as follows. The mother's feeling of pregnancy, her income activity, religion, and educational level impacted
more » ... evel impacted significantly upon self-awareness, whereas employment status did not. In addition, the feeling of pregnancy and income activity had a effect on parenting stress both directly and indirectly. Educational level and religion impacted on parenting stress indirectly through self-awareness. Both employment status and self-awareness were found to have impacted on parenting stress directly. The implication of these findings are also discussed. Key Words:어머니의 특성(mother's characteristic), 자아인식(self-awareness), 양육스트레스(parenting stress ). Ⅰ. 서 론 부모가 된다는 것은 기쁘고 행복한 일이지만 동시에 많은 어려움과 고통, 부담이 따르는 일이 다. 임신을 하는 순간부터 여성은 신체적, 정서 적인 변화를 겪게 되고 이러한 변화는 출산 후 까지 지속된다. 출산 후 어머니의 역할을 수행할 때 일상적으로 지각하는 스트레스를 양육스트 레스라고 한다. 스트레스는 인간생활에 불가피 한 요소로 긍정적인 측면이 있기도 하지만 과도 http://dx.
doi:10.5723/kjcs.2012.33.2.129 fatcat:5e6jhrptyne53jujllddgpj5w4