Physical Characteristics at Different Ages

Agron M Rexhepi, Behlul Brestovci, Asllan Krasniqi
2011 International Journal of Morphology  
REXHEPI, A. M.; BRESTOVCI, B. & KRASNIQI, A. Physical characteristics at different ages. Int. J. Morphol., 29(1):105-111, 2011. SUMMARY: The purpose of this study was to study, observe, and clarify the dynamics of physical growth, as well as changes of some morphometrical and physiological variables of Kosovo population. 17,894 males from Kosovo between 6 and 51 years of age and older, were measured:. body height, body weight, BMI, systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, heart rate, and VO max
more » ... rate, and VO max were recorded. The measurement data were processed through these descriptive statistical parameters: Mean, Standard-Deviation and the Coefficient of Variation, SD shows the similar dispersion of results between one age and another. CV signifies the reliability of the measurements that were carried out. The curve of body height for individuals between 6 and 17 years of age shows increases, for individuals between 18 and 40 years of age shows stable values, while for indiividuals above 40 years of age indicate a decrease. Body height difference between adults shows that adults between 18 and 30 years old have the higher body height values, compared with the other two groups of tested adults. Body weight for individuals between 6 and 50 years old shows consistent increase of value. In individuals above 51 years of age, body weight decreases rapidly. According to BMI values individuals between 6 and 13 years of age were underweight. Those between 14 and 35 years of age, as well as those above 51 years of age showed normal weight. On the other hand, those between 36 and 50 years of age were slightly overweight. Systolic and diastolic blood pressure values were higher as age increased, however were not above normal values. The best results of HR and VO 2 max were reported in adults between 19 and 27 years of age.
doi:10.4067/s0717-95022011000100018 fatcat:bxrzdcw4d5dh7jfsn5en4cfj7a