Effects of Weather on Scientific Work

T. D. Crothers
1894 Science  
92 SCIE variation in tenzpeu, or if the distribution of heat be very irregular and the changes of temperature abrupt." However, this, t o me, is only partial and does not touch the root of the matter-a molecular dissymmetry. Perhaps this comment is totally uncalled for, but as there are already so many apparently different phenomena and "effects," in physics, it is well, when we can, t o ascribe all modifications of ally effect, that are manifestly due t o the same principle, t o that effect,
more » ... t o that effect, instead of setting it down as a ne711 pl~enomenon. W. R. TURNBUI.L. lihaca, N. Y. Birds Singing on Their Nests.
doi:10.1126/science.ns-23.576.92-a pmid:17736354 fatcat:q3abqc5dw5a53b5aaxsqhbfsmy