Jesus' Charismatic Leadership

Konrad Noronha
2018 Zenodo  
Jesus' life was one of charismatic leadership. He exhibited charisma akin to the stars of today. Charisma is conferred by followers in society. The difference with Jesus' social recognition, was that for Jesus it was not a personal objective, rather he was doing his Father's will. Also, Jesus had control over non-physical reality evident in his work of healing, dreams and visions, supernatural knowledge, the distinguishing of angelic and demonic forces, prophecy, and interpretation. Jesus
more » ... tation. Jesus mission involved his clashing with the bureaucracy of his time. He created a bond with his followers and his followers today can say that he has dominion over heaven and earth and of things seen and unseen.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4285935 fatcat:ny4d7ezbtfal5knlqbccinxrse