Constraints on the unitarity triangle angleγfrom Dalitz plot analysis ofB0→DK+π−decays

R. Aaij, C. Abellán Beteta, B. Adeva, M. Adinolfi, A. Affolder, Z. Ajaltouni, S. Akar, J. Albrecht, F. Alessio, M. Alexander, S. Ali, G. Alkhazov (+722 others)
2016 Physical Review D  
The first study is presented of CP violation with an amplitude analysis of the Dalitz plot of $B^0 \to D K^+ \pi^-$ decays, with $D \to K^+ \pi^-$, $K^+ K^-$ and $\pi^+ \pi^-$. The analysis is based on a data sample corresponding to $3.0\,{\rm fb}^{-1}$ of $pp$ collisions collected with the LHCb detector. No significant CP violation effect is seen, and constraints are placed on the angle $\gamma$ of the unitarity triangle formed from elements of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa quark mixing
more » ... quark mixing matrix. Hadronic parameters associated with the $B^0 \to D K^*(892)^0$ decay are determined for the first time. These measurements can be used to improve the sensitivity to $\gamma$ of existing and future studies of the $B^0 \to D K^*(892)^0$ decay.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.93.112018 fatcat:jmjfphipifh6zaygygbshecvka