Organic analysis

1906 The Analyst  
Toe., 1906, xxviii., 629-632.)-1n pure glucose solutions, tested at constant volume with fixed amounts of phenylhydrazine hydrochloride and sodium acetate, the time required for the precipitation of the osazone varies with the amount of glucose present, and is nearly constant for any given dilution. I n solutions containing only about 0-1 per cent. the time required for precipitation is much reduced by the presence of 1 per cent. or more of sucrose, but only slightly by the presence of 5 per
more » ... resence of 5 per cent. of raffinose. Solutions of fructose and invert sugar show similar variations with concentration, those of fructose always yielding a precipitate of osazone in about one-third the time required for the same amount of glucose, and those of invert sugar in slightly more than one-third the time. Sucrose also slightly accelerates the osaeone precipitation in dilute solutions of fructose.
doi:10.1039/an9063100304 fatcat:hoknvfmtsfgm5oqewe6je4da6y