"sambýliskonur […] í sama kroppi, í sama höfði, í sama blóði". Um samband Dísu og Gríms í Dísusögu eftir Vigdísi Grímsdóttur

Guðrún Steinþórsdóttir
2019 Ritið  
The aim of this article is to discuss the book Dísusaga by Vigdís Grímsdóttir. In the story, which has been categorized as a fictional auto­biography, Vigdís writes about a rape she experienced as a child, focusing on the crime ́s effect. She talks about her decision to keep silent about the crime, which leads to – as described in Dísusaga– her being split into two personas, Dísa and Gríms. This article focuses on the communication between the two characters, in particular their power struggle.
more » ... The analysis that is put forth is based on methods from theories about trauma, dialogical self and conceptual metaphors. In this article different attitudes toward sexual vio­lence in different times is also addressed by looking at the reception of other works by Vigdís, which have been connected to her persona.
doi:10.33112/ritid.19.1.3 fatcat:3jnacidknjh7hdunc5o662b3ai