Conceptual Design of Operation Strategies for Hybrid Electric Aircraft

Julian Hoelzen, Yaolong Liu, Boris Bensmann, Christopher Winnefeld, Ali Elham, Jens Friedrichs, Richard Hanke-Rauschenbach
2018 Energies  
Ambitious targets to reduce emissions caused by aviation in the light of an expected ongoing rise of the air transport demand in the future drive the research of propulsion systems with lower CO 2 emissions. Regional hybrid electric aircraft (HEA) powered by conventional gas turbines and battery powered electric motors are investigated to test hybrid propulsion operation strategies. Especially the role of the battery within environmentally friendly concepts with significantly reduced carbon
more » ... reduced carbon footprint is analyzed. Thus, a new simulation approach for HEA is introduced. The main findings underline the importance of choosing the right power-to-energy-ratio of a battery according to the flight mission. The gravimetric energy and power density of the electric storages determine the technologically feasibility of hybrid concepts. Cost competitive HEA configurations are found, but do not promise the targeted CO 2 emission savings, when the well-to-wheel system is regarded with its actual costs. Sensitivity studies are used to determine external levers that favor the profitability of HEA.
doi:10.3390/en11010217 fatcat:jiwiho5rebcgfh3kplnc7wviqa