Professor Huxley's Hunterian Lectures on the Anatomy of the Vertebrata

1869 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Senior Conisulting-Surgeon to the Women's Hospital, etc. MIISS X., aged 58, haid enjoyed good health till I864, when she discovered some enlargemenit in the left side of the abdomen. In i866, she saw Dr. Atlee, of Philadelphia, who diagnosed a non-adherent multilocular ovarian tumour; but, as her general health was very good, he wisely advised her to wait a while for ain operation. The tumour gradually increased till the abdlomeni assumed huge proportions; and I saw her in December iS68, ancd
more » ... cember iS68, ancd confirmed Dr. Atlee's diagnosis. Her appetite was failing; she dlid n-ot sleep, except in a semi-erect posture; she vomited occasionally; her pulse was 98; her skin was dry and parched; and she wvas emaciating very rapidly. I saw her a month later, and her symptoms wrere theni so urgent, that I felt no hesitation in recommending either a tappinig, or an ol)eration for the removal of the tumour. She selectedL the latter; and the operation was performed on the Ist of February last.
doi:10.1136/bmj.1.432.326-a fatcat:5ii4rewllrfedpzojvoavfqfd4