Microphotoluminescence mapping of laterally overgrown GaN layers on patterned Si (111) substrates

L. Macht, P. R. Hageman, S. Haffouz, P. K. Larsen
2005 Applied Physics Letters  
Spatial distribution of optical properties of GaN layers grown on patterned Si (111) substrates by maskless metalorganic chemical vapor deposition has been investigated. The Si substrates were prepared with a pattern of 1.5 x m diameter holes at a 3.5 x m distance from each other. The holes were overgrown by GaN until coalescence, creating GaN areas with no substrate underneath. Microphotoluminescence mapping measurements with 0.8 xm lateral resolution show a five-fold increase in luminescence
more » ... se in luminescence intensity coming from the overhang areas as compared to the layer directly over the substrate. This is accompanied by a slight redshift of the luminescence peak wavelength. Photoelectrochemical etching shows that the dislocation density is much lower in those areas while the photoluminescence redshift is attributed to lesser strain relaxation resulting from a lower dislocation density.
doi:10.1063/1.2042546 fatcat:ty4kyjyidrebhf6mgax4b5i7iy