Total heat flux on the wall: Bench scale wood crib fires tests

Qiang Xu, Xinggui Que, Liying Cao, Yong Jiang, Cong Jin
2010 Thermal Science  
A se ri als test of crib fire con ducted in a bench scale com part ment. To tal heat flux to the wall is mea sured by Schmidt-bolter gages in up per zone and lower zone of the com part ment. The heat flux in ten sity and dis tri bu tion of these quasi-steady crib fires is eval u ated through these tests. The peak value and in te gral of the mea sured to tal heat flux is scaled with ex posed sur face area of wood cribs. Lin ear re la tions of these scaled value with the mass and ex po sure sur
more » ... nd ex po sure sur face area of wood cribs are obtained. The ra tio of scale value in up per and lower zone is also pre sented which could be used as model in es ti mat ing ther mal load to side wall for bench scale tests.
doi:10.2298/tsci1001283x fatcat:nbyi7iukbfhabbyapbt2iapfyq