Prompt and Delayed Neutron Emissions and Fission Product Yield Calculations with Hauser-Feshbach Statistical Decay Theory and Summation Calculation Method

Shin Okumura, Toshihiko Kawano, Satoshi Chiba, A. Chebboubi, O. Serot
2019 EPJ Web of Conferences  
We demonstrate the neutron emission and fission product yield calculations using the Hauser–Feshbach Fission Fragment Decay (HF3D) model and β decay. The HF3D model calculates the statistical decay of more than 500 primary fission fragment pairs formed by the neutron induced fission of 235U. In order to calculate the prompt neutron and photon emissions, the primary fission fragment distributions, i.e. mass, charge, excitation energy, spin and parity are deterministically generated and
more » ... rated and numerically integrated for all fission fragments. The calculated prompt neutron multiplicities, independent fission product yield are fully consistent each other. We combine the β-decay and the summation calculations with the HF3D model calculation to obtain the cumulative fission product yield, decay heat and delayed neutron yield. The calculated fission observables are compared with available experimental data.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/201921104005 fatcat:pzvjkkm7zng4hghqz7endk65qu