Consumption as the main element of the reproduction process in agriculture

Maria Tyapkina, D. Fayzrakhmanov, B. Ziganshin, F. Nezhmetdinova, R. Shaydullin
2020 BIO Web of Conferences  
One of the criteria for ensuring food security is the consumption of basic food products per capita, which characterizes the level and quality of life. Food consumption is the result of the reproductive process in agriculture. The article discusses the level of self-sufficiency on the materials of the Irkutsk region, is compared with the food security criteria provided for in the Doctrine. All food products, except for potatoes, residents of the Irkutsk region consume significantly less,
more » ... d with residents of the Russian Federation. For meat, milk, egg, vegetables, consumption does not meet the rational standards recommended by the Ministry of Health for a healthy diet. A regression model of the relationship between per capita incomes of the country and milk consumption per capita is presented. The mismatch between the excessive content of fat in food, potatoes, sugar and bread in the diet and the lack of calorie intake affects the health of the population of the Irkutsk region. It is necessary to achieve the level of production of the main types of high-quality food products, enough to provide the population of the Irkutsk region and reduce food dependence.
doi:10.1051/bioconf/20201700240 fatcat:x4jfoyox2rdrbkde53fiauupge