Measurement on the SRRC 1.3 GeV electron booster synchrotron operation parameters and the ramping behavior

K.K. Lin, K.T. Hsu, T.S. Ueng
Proceedings of International Conference on Particle Accelerators  
The booster operation parameters, such as synchrotron tune, 70 betatron tune, momentum compaction factor, betatron function GO-. etc.were measured at injection energy, 50 MeV, and compared with the calculated results. The synchrotron tune shift was so-done by varying the applied cavity voltage, and the betatron tune shift was observed by changing the current on the 40quadrupole magnets. The measured results of booster beam 5 emittance and energy spread during acceleration were based on :W 3o
more » ... beam size measurement from the emitted synchrotron light. .70-Possible maximum emittance and energy spread were obtained J directly from the measured data, assuming the corresponding calculated betatron and dispersion functions at the point of observation were correct. The measured results were also 0-T 40 50 80 100 120 140 160 compared with the theoretical expection. 180 200 : The SRRC booster was manufactured and delivered by Scanditronix AB, Sweden in July 1992 [l]. The booster rf system was provided by the SRRC rf group. In order to understand the booster performance characteristics, the operation parameters were measured at various aspects and compared with the designed values. OPERATION PARAMETERS These experiments were carried out at injection energy, 50 MeV, with energy spread set at +/-0.5%.
doi:10.1109/pac.1993.309212 fatcat:a7s5f5vrpfeelka4aw45gu5wse