The Molecular Genetic Study of Genetic Markers of Predisposition to Physical Loading

Elena Vladimirovna Vorobyeva, Anna Stanislavovna Yazeva, Ivan Vladislavovich Nikolaev, Ilnur Bikbaevich Gaizullin, Valentina Yurievna Gorbunova
2014 Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia  
Polymorphic variants of 6 genes the products of which have an impact on the cardiovascular system have been studied: rs4646994 of angiotensin converting enzyme ACE gene, rs1801133 of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase MTHFR gene, rs1800875 of chymase SMA1 gene, rs6025 of coagulative factor V F5 gene, rs1815739 of alpha-actinin ACTN3 gene, rs121913641 of fibrous protein MYH7 gene. Alleles combinations of studied genes that have a significant impact on the physical performance level of an
more » ... level of an individual with minimal adverse effects have been determined. Research paper also shows the potential of using haplotype analysis in the sports teams building for them to achieve high results without any disablement.
doi:10.13005/bbra/1515 fatcat:uioj7yuksbcnrpgs4ddlp47cuu