Identification of category boundaries and intergroup discrepancies in color perception [thesis]

Alexander M O'Brien
Past research has suggested that language plays a role in the perception of color. To address this claim, two studies were conducted intended to achieve two primary goals: First, to develop a test capable of identifying categorical boundaries in color perception without the use of linguistic references, and second, to demonstrate that the test is capable of identifying differences in subjective perceptions of color between groups, should subjective perceptual differences exist. Two studies
more » ... t. Two studies compared participants with normal, and with color deficient vision. Results indicated that the newly developed research method is capable of identifying significant perceptual differences in categorical color perception between groups with different subjective impressions of color.
doi:10.31274/rtd-20200616-91 fatcat:37jwhkdrlvgzpdigpekg2qhz3u