The Possibility of Correlation of Hardening Power for Oils and Polymers of Quenching Mediums

Małgorzata Przyłęcka, Wojciech Gęstwa
2009 Advances in Materials Science and Engineering  
There are many literature references comparing the use of aqueous polymer quenching solutions with petroleum oil quenchants for a wide range of steels of varying hardenability and the relating parameters of describing properties of the quenching mediums. There are relatively little similar relating correlations between parameters of describing properties of the different quenching mediums. The quenchants used included: conventional quenching oil, martempering oil, and 5% and 25% aqueous polymer
more » ... 25% aqueous polymer quenchant solutions (APQSs) of a polymer quenchant. These quenching media were selected to represent a broad range of quench severities as quantified by cooling curve analysis (ASTM D 6482) using a standard Inconel 600 probe and the Tensi Agitation Device. The test of correlation conducted between the Hardening Power parameters according to examples of oils and polymers. The enable work results in applying the Hardening Power independently from equation calculated for different quenching mediums and their work parameters.
doi:10.1155/2009/843281 fatcat:fgcmiluzzndrbdgwe32x2bm2qy