Deniz Ekinci, Suna Doğaner
2016 Morocco) EPRA International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IJMR)   unpublished
Mankind, amazed that he saw around some landforms, filled with feelings of awe and wonder. In fact, such forms are contained in extraordinary art and science of self is not always that we can see elements of topography. For that reason, so that startle people who are, surprise, shock, astonishment, amazement and curiosity are set in motion. A landform that forms similar feelings when it is seen here on the Aegean coast of Turkey, the Gulf of Hisarönü to lie down in the face yet extending on the
more » ... et extending on the Kızkumu Spit. The sand spit formed where longshore drift moves large amounts of sand and shingle along the coast, and where the coastline suddenly changes direction to leave a shallow, sheltered area of water. The cycle in regard geomorphologic, at the beginning, yet producing on the surface of the sea Kızkumu Spit and the water level remains under water during an oven 30 cm. The water in a sea of people in their period 420 meters long in an oven that is also flooded stretches of sand to walk on the path made in the sea floor without pressing towards her at this time because that gives the impression he wasn't. Kızkumu a very interesting and attractive place where featured in the sand is not the only situation. Here the mythological legend about the ancient city Bybassos daughter of the King is also legendary. That is why it is visited by thousands of tourists every year as a privileged element geomorphotourizm. Nevertheless, in the last decades, Kızkumu spit stayed under the human activities harm and scatter the sand on it.