Electron spin resonance in the study of diamond

J H N Loubser, J A van Wyk
1978 Reports on progress in physics (Print)  
The role of electron spin resonance in the study of both natural and synthetic diamond is reviewed in this article. A brief survey of the physical significance of the constants in the spin Hamiltonian, as well as experimental technique, is given. The review then deals in some detail with the various nitrogen centres found in diamond, treating exchange-interaction, Jahn-Teller and relaxation effects associated with these centres. Acceptor impurities and transition-ion impurities are briefly
more » ... ssed. The rest of the review is then devoted to centres created by irradiation, subsequent heat treatment, mechanical deformation and ion implantation. The spin Hamiltonian parameters of these centres are tabled and the results are discussed within the framework of the defect molecule approach. I n conclusion, the correlation between optical effects and the ESR measurements in the case of four defect centres are discussed in some detail as this seems to be a powerful method of testing the various models suggested for the observed defects. It is hoped that the tables given of the observed centres found in diamond up to the present will be useful to researchers in this field.
doi:10.1088/0034-4885/41/8/002 fatcat:5ontunz6ubcv5ayvbcreb25mce