The production of uniform sized drops in liquid-liquid systems

John Arthur Whitaker Izard
The production of uniform-sized drops without small follower drops or "trailers" in liquid-liquid systems was studied using a periodic injection technique for dispersing one liquid through a sharp edged nozzle into the other. Previous investigators using a continuous flow technique found that uniform sized drops without trailers were limited to systems of higher interfacial tension. The effects of nozzle inside diameter, nozzle material, and of velocity-time profile of the dispersed fluid
more » ... h a nozzle at drop formation were examined using two systems; n-butanol and water of very low interfacial tension, and methyl isobutyl ketone and water of low interfacial tension. These two systems were chosen so that the results of this study could be integrated with other work. The velocity-time profiles were obtained by using a positive displacement bellows pump, the stroke of which was controlled by a cam follower through a variable ratio linkage using three different cam profiles. The conditions under which uniform sized drops without trailers were formed, were located for both systems. The effects of surface active contaminants and the wetting of the nozzle tip by the dispersed phase were considered.
doi:10.14288/1.0059154 fatcat:fyrppr4ypbfixl2rwwwjbvlahy