Research and Application of Thermoelectric Energy Conversion Device Based on Heat Dissipation of Coal Pile

Jian-gang Wang
2019 Energy and Environment Research  
In view of the spontaneous combustion of coal piles, waste of resources and environmental pollution, gravity heat pipes are inserted into coal piles, and the heat inside the coal piles will be extracted in time because of the high-efficiency thermal conductivity of the heat pipe phase change. In order to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, a thermoelectric energy conversion device based on gravity heat pipe was designed, which can convert heat energy extracted from the
more » ... racted from the coal pile into electrical energy for supply of low power loads. The results show that the gravity heat pipe can effectively suppress the temperature rise inside the coal pile; the coal body within 0.03m away from the gravity heat pipe is better in cooling effect; the thermoelectric energy conversion system is capable of converting thermal energy inside the coal pile into electric energy and supplying a low power load such as a wireless sensor.
doi:10.5539/eer.v9n2p30 fatcat:yshj7ob2q5azncdcxf7dxei2yu