Environmentalists and their politics : an analysis of protest strategy in the politics of some Australian environmentalists [article]

Bahrin Bin Othman Kamarul, University, The Australian National, University, The Australian National
A feature of the politics of "environmental quality" in Australia is the adoption of protest and other forms of direct action by some Australian environmentalists. The thesis is, firstly, a critical examination of the explanations often given for this phenomenon and, secondly, an attempt to provide a political explanation for protest strategy. It is argued that much of the analysis of protest in the environmental movement has relied on psychological, class, ideological or institutional
more » ... titutional explanations. As a consequence, the tendency has been to regard protest either as irrational and 'deviant' or as idealistic and humane. This thesis, on the other hand, attempts to show that protest strategy can be rational and purposive and a normal occurrence in the politics of any large discontented group. To demonstrate the purposiveness and normality of protest in the Australian environmental movement, the thesis develops four profiles of Australian environmentalists; Management-Oriented Conservationists, MorallyResponsible Scientists, Radical Environmentalists and Environmental Pragmatists. These profiles are constructed from an examination of the public writings of a number of a
doi:10.25911/5d6e4f2f2ab37 fatcat:vczc4bsl7zd4nn26oxvijw7twa