Genesis the Specifics of the Islamization the North Caucasus

2017 History and Historians in the Context of the Time  
The problem of the Genesis and subsequent development of Islam in a particular ethnically complex region, which is the North Caucasus, still remains unexplored. In Russian historical science in the Caucasus are wonderfully tenacious and almost not remeasured standards developed in the Soviet era, according to which Islam penetrates to the Caucasus very late (almost in the century XVIII), and this procedure is a rather negative for the people's culture, rather than a positive direction.
more » ... direction. Therefore, the author departs from the existing dies and considers the problem from the standpoint of objectivity, consistency and historicism. The chronological scope of the article is conventional and is motivated by the fact that the initial penetration of Islam in the North Caucasus dates back to the VII century, when the Arabs invaded Dagestan, the upper limit of work consists of century XIX, when fully completed, the adoption of this religion mountain peoples and Islam in its various sects firmly established in the North Caucasus. The author comes to the conclusion that the process of Islamisation of the mountain peoples of the North Caucasus region was due to the prevailing political situation in the region and outside it; the Islamic faith in the North Caucasus had never had their own roots, and was brought in from outside, alien conquerors; the degree of illisionist the mountain peoples was different: in the Eastern parts of the Caucasus (Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan) Islam deeply penetrated into the consciousness of the people, in their behavioral norms than in Western (Kabarda, Cherkessia, Adygea).
doi:10.13187/hhct.2017.1.23 fatcat:u2mwlsfnrvbgtmogilhylespri