Designing a digital marketing model innovation to increase the competitiveness. First insights in Mexico

Juan Mejía-Trejo
2018 Nova Scientia  
This paper is aimed to determine the relationship between the competitiveness model of Mexico (NCM) and a proposal for a digital marketing innovation model (DMIM).This is of special value for SME experts and academics, both related to the practice of digital marketing, in order to obtain a tool capable to identify different variables involved in the design and driving of a digital marketing campaign, in order to increase their levels of competitiveness.Method: The theoretical framework for the
more » ... framework for the DMIM proposal, was based on a documentary, exploratory, descriptive, correlational and transversal research (academic vision). Thus, it was applied focus group using Panel Delphi and Analytical Hierarchy Process, among the specialists of digital marketing sector (expert vision) to identify different variables and indicators registering their different importance rates as well as the order of occurrence of each one into the DMIM proposal construct, for both visions. The final DMIM proposal construct, was correlated with the NCM, previously known. Therefore a pilot questionnaire, with a test of validity and reliability, was applied during the period of January-April 2017, to 400 specialists related with digital marketing and competitiveness (200 SME experts, 100 consultants and 100 academics). As a quantitative stage (empirical evidence), multiple linear regression and correlation techniques were applied to determine the relationships in this model. Results: It was obtained an original and generalized model, able to explain the relationship of variables and indicators involved among 8 NCM variables and 10 variables of the DMIM proposal as a measuring tool, and final suggestions for the improvement of such relationship.Conclusion: An empirical model of NCM-DMIM that showed positive effects of correlation in 2/10 variables of the DMIM: among the mission, vision and values (MVS) as well as the knowledge and application of the tools of digital marketing, (DMT) both variables belonging to the DMIM over to the NCM. The rest of the (8/10) variables of the DMIM, show low correlations which means that they are not yet sufficiently widespread and known in the sector for what they represent the sector's opportunities. Finally, academic and expert visions about the variables of the construct NCM-DMIM, with several suggestions for improvement.
doi:10.21640/ns.v10i20.1160 fatcat:3gjw63l3rnhsnd6rjeomtwnfhe