Lipid Profile and Fatty-Acid Composition of Human Serum in Hypertension Patients

Mohamed A. H. Jasim
The aim of this study was designed to determine the effect of hypertension on the level of lipid fractions and percentage of fatty acids in serum .The study included( 50) patients with hypertension ,blood was taken after( 10-12) hour fasting . The age of patients was between (60-80) year. Blood samples from (50) normal subject with the same age were collected as control .The patients samples collection were from the medical word . A number of biochemical parameters were measured using enzymatic
more » ... red using enzymatic kits methods also the analysis and the measurement of percentage of fatty acids in fatty component of serum (cholesterol ester, phospholipids ,triglyceride) separated by thin layer chromatography(TLC) followed by transmethylation of fatty acids and measurement of fatty acids percentage using Capillary Gas Chromatography (CGC).The result of this study showed that there is a significant differences in the level of studied biochemical parameter and fatty acids percentage in hypertension patients compared with the control group. The results of this study also showed that a significant increase in level of (TG) in serum of hypertension patients . The result showed that a significant increase in percentage of (PUFA) in (PL) part
doi:10.17628/ecb.2015.4.468-470 fatcat:lhxo3xo3qvhq3lejxnyvop4mjy