Determinism and a supersymmetric classical model of quantum fields

Hans-Thomas Elze
2005 Brazilian journal of physics  
A quantum field theory is described which is a supersymmetric classical model. -- Supersymmetry generators of the system are used to split its Liouville operator into two contributions, with positive and negative spectrum, respectively. The unstable negative part is eliminated by a positivity constraint on physical states, which is invariant under the classical Hamiltonian flow. In this way, the classical Liouville equation becomes a functional Schroedinger equation of a genuine quantum field
more » ... ine quantum field theory. Thus, 't Hooft's proposal to reconstruct quantum theory as emergent from an underlying deterministic system, is realized here for a field theory. Quantization is intimately related to the constraint, which selects the part of Hilbert space where the Hamilton operator is positive. This is seen as dynamical symmetry breaking in a suitably extended model, depending on a mass scale which discriminates classical dynamics beneath from emergent quantum mechanical behaviour.
doi:10.1590/s0103-97332005000200020 fatcat:y5beiigdonbh7c7wpbnbiuiagi