Вікторія Герман, Сумський державний педагогічний університет імені А. С. Макаренка
2020 Педагогічні науки теорія історія інноваційні технології  
the field of health care and social protection of the population in Ukraine remain relevant today. Therefore, it is very important for today to understand qualification characteristics, place and role of physical therapists, ergotherapists and content of their professional activity at the present stage of becoming a specialty in Ukraine. The purpose of the article is to reveal the essence of the key concepts of the field: "physical therapy" and 'ergotherapy" and the basic legal documents
more » ... ng professional training of specialists in physical therapy and ergotherapy in Ukraine. To achieve this goal, we have chosen the following research methods: theoretical analysis of specialized scientific and methodological literature and regulatory documentation in the direction of professional training of specialists in physical therapy, ergotherapy, generalization of the results of scientists' research. As a result, approaches to interpretation of the concepts: "physical rehabilitation", "physical therapy" and "ergotherapy" in national and international scientific and methodological literature are generalized and their essence is defined. The historical path of development of the specialty "Physiotherapy, ergotherapy' and its step-by-step transformations are presented. Physical therapy is defined as a functional recovery of the human body through the use of physical exercises of different orientation and their complexes. Ergotherapy is an integral rehabilitation technology aimed at maximizing restoration of a person's functional state in the process of activity (activity in daily life; professional and productive activity; activity during play, rest and leisure). Physical therapy and ergotherapy are considered as a complex process of health restoration, including medical, pedagogical, preventive measures aimed at restoration (or compensation) of impaired functions of the organism, optimization of physical condition and restoration of working capacity of the person. Also, the article provides a list and content of the main legal documentation regulating the process of professional training of specialists in physical therapy, ergotherapy in higher educational establishments of Ukraine; qualification characteristic of specialists, including professional functions and content of professional activity, is considered.
doi:10.24139/2312-5993/2020.02/012-023 fatcat:lu4p3gaypngpbolfjzah6urfcm