Percepción social de los maestros: análisis de la figura docente a través de Twitter

Ernesto Colomo Magaña, Ángel Ignacio Aguilar Cuesta
2019 Temps d'Educaci�  
In our dynamic and protean sociocultural environment, teachers must tailor their roles and competences to society's needs. To determine how teachers are currently valued by society, this study analyses data drawn from the social networking service Twitter, from the hashtag #DíaMun-dialdelDocente. The sample consisted of 1,441 tweets analysed in two phases. First, the tweets were classified according to the subject they discussed, and then they were also grouped under specific teacher
more » ... The results show that the most popular subject was some form of critique of the education system, while the most highly-valued archetype was the teacher with a sincere and personable manner. The article concludes that teachers receive positive social recognition and affirms that it is possible to incorporate the qualities and competencies that society values in the processes of initial and in-service teacher education.
doi:10.1344/tempseducacio2019.57.5 fatcat:ym32w7pye5d2za6ywhsvzpmg7a