Effects of different doses of aspirin on the liver and kidney functions of the female albino rats

Nuha SH. Ali
2017 Al-Qadisiyah Journal of Veterinary Medicine Sciences  
The confer study was carried out to examines in detail the effect of Aspirin on the liver and kidney function of the female albino rats. (15) mature female albino rats (150-170 gm)were divided in to three groups :1 st group which treated as negative control group ,it was drenched only 0.2 ml of PBS.2 nd group was drenched with Aspirin (10mg/kg of B.W once daily for 30 days).3 rd group was drenched with Aspirin (20mg/kg of B.W once daily for 30 days).Our results showed that 2 nd and 3 rd groups
more » ... nd and 3 rd groups demonstrated significantly increased (P≤0.05) in the values of plasma GOT and GPT enzymes compared with control group. In the values of plasma total protein, the 2 nd and 3 rd groups showed meaningfully decreased (P≤0.05) in the relation with the control group. The values of plasma creatinine and uric acid, the 2 nd and 3 rd groups showed significantly increased (P≤0.05) as compared with control group. On the other hand, the microscopic examination of the histopathological sections of livers of all the treated and control groups showed that the 2 nd group demonstrated congestion of central vein and presence of radially arrangement of hepatocyte around the central vein ,mild dilation of sinusoids ,mild hemorrhage and mild infiltration of inflammatory cells. In 3 rd group, the histopathological examination of livers showed infiltration of inflammatory cells mainly macrophage and lymphocytes, congestion and hemorrhage in the hepatic tissue and vaculation of hepatocyte. In kidneys of 2 nd group showed high cellularity of the glomeruli, mild infiltration of inflammatory cells, mild hemorrhage in the renal tissue and few dilation of renal convoluted tubule. The kidneys section of 3 rd group showed atrophy and small in size of the glomeruli with marked dilation in the renal convoluted tubules. In addition, there is degeneration in the epithelial cells which lining the renal tubules and hemorrhage along the renal tissue.
doi:10.29079/vol16iss1art32 fatcat:7onsvo6k75egrj6l6zmfrgri5y