The Feigenbaum's delta for a high dissipative bouncing ball model

Diego F. M. Oliveira, Edson D. Leonel
2008 Brazilian journal of physics  
We have studied a dissipative version of a one-dimensional Fermi accelerator model. The dynamics of the model is described in terms of a two-dimensional, nonlinear area-contracting map. The dissipation is introduced via inelastic collisions of the particle with the walls and we consider the dynamics in the regime of high dissipation. For such a regime, the model exhibits a route to chaos known as period doubling and we obtain a constant along the bifurcations so called the Feigenbaum's number δ.
doi:10.1590/s0103-97332008000100012 fatcat:e6r7653kg5bc3cgrlo5m3gwor4