1905 The Lancet  
It should be stated that sample No. 5 was not intended apparently for general anæsthesia ; there was no instruction, however, to that effect on the label but on another tube from the same firm the label contained the words "for local ansesthesia," and in that case the presence of "traces of impurity" is probably not a serious matter. In one instance the boiling point of the sample proved to be -0.5° C., a mixture of methyl chloride and ethyl chloride (used it may be with advantage for local
more » ... ntage for local anæsthesia) having been supplied as pure ethyl chloride. Since this mixture produces on evaporation a more intense cold than ethyl chloride this mistake, in the case of general anaesthesia at any rate, might lead to unexpected and possibly mischievous results. On the whole, however, it is clear that the anaesthetist has the choice of several good makers or agents who sell ethyl chloride of undoubted purity and of such quality as should only be used for general anaesthetic purposes unless, of course, the application of a definite mixture is designed. Ethyloform, for example (B. Kiihn), is a mixture of 45 per cent. ethyl chloride, 45 per cent. methyl chloride, and 10 per cent. ethyl bromide, the last drug being regarded to act as a sedative. ____ METROPOLITAN HOSPITAL SUNDAY FUND. A MEETING of this Fund was held on Nov. 28th at the Mansion House, London, under the presidency of the Lord Mayor. There was a large gathering and amongst those present were the Ven. Archdeacon of
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