Bama'S Sangati As A Unique Dalit Feminist Narration From Subjugation To Celebration

Dr. A. Vignesh Kumar, R. S. Sabeetha
2017 Zenodo  
"Oppression, ruled and still being ruled by patriarchy, government, caste and religion, Dalit women are forced to break all the strictures of the society in order to live" (Preface, Sangati) India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world; yet it is notorious for its rigid caste system. The earliest records of Indian civilization are preserved in Aryan scriptures or what is today known as Hindu Scriptures. The early Indian society was constructed around Varnasrama Dharma, a labour
more » ... Dharma, a labour based division of castes in India that inevitably brought racial prejudices. The Brahmins were the topmost in the pecking order. The Sudras were destined to serve the three upper ladders, namely Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaisyas. They remain the 'untouchables' in society. They have been accepted as Scheduled Castes in the Indian constitution after the British use of the phrase. Gandhiji and Ambedkar used two different terms to name them- harijan and Dalit. Their efforts have brought about an upliftment in their social status. They also encouraged education of the Dalits that ultimately lead to a new writing. Indian Dalit literature began as a concerted movement in the 1960s, though clannish elements were visible as early in the 11th century. It began in Marathi literature and later on infiltrated to Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil literatures. Dalit writers initiated a realistic, experience based and authentic literature which threatened the upper class hegemony in society and in literature. The anger, sorrow and the indomitable will and hope of Dalit protagonists were offered in a tongue which is often denigrated as vulgar. The writers of different states in India share a collective relationship to a common cause, a common identity and a common political stance. Dalit is a literature in India is of whole co [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.345673 fatcat:6ptl3cdrdfftreudpdg2gsnwra