MWD design in a series of CSTRs with living polymerisation reactions

Eszter Farkas, Zsolt György Meszéna
2010 Periodica Polytechnica: Chemical Engineering  
In previous papers of this work methodologies have been established i) to predict the molecular weight distribution (MWD) of living polymerisation processes in various reactor configurations, ii) and -in a reversed calculation process -to design reactor parameters and feed profiles for a single CSTR or a tubular reactor to meet a target MWD. In this paper a model of a series of continuous stirred tank reactors (CSTRs) with various initiator and monomer feed strategies have been used to
more » ... en used to establish i) the possible MWD shapes with constant feed, ii) the MWD with the lowest possible polydispersity index, and iii) a methodology to design multimodal MWDs with a continuous steady state process. Both the MWD prediction and the design methodologies use a simplified, very fast, direct algorithm, well suited for control purposes.
doi:10.3311/ fatcat:mvgaqjryorh55herb4jiqtiq44