The Urban Museum as a Sustianble Tourism Attraction: London Museum Lates Visitor Motivation [post]

Ayeon Choi, Graham Berridge, Chulwon Kim
2020 unpublished
The urban museum has become a multi-functional institution that transcends the functional display of artifacts. The museum has become, in cities, a hybrid institution that keeps its doors open late to support a wide variety of special events. This study explored London's 'Museum Lates' programs and event characteristics, using museums' theoretical views as cultural tourism attractions. Furthermore, the study applied the contextual model of learning to understand visitor attendance motivations.
more » ... dance motivations. Authors employed an interpretive approach using interviews with two types of participants, event visitors, and event coordinators. Findings suggested that attendees possess a complex of personal, physical, and socio-cultural motivations for participating in museum lates events. The characteristics of late events – extraordinary quality and evening time atmosphere – produce different effects than current museum exhibitions held during regular operating hours. Museum lates events can contribute to achieving cultural sustainability, adding cultural construct to the traditional three-pillars of sustainability. Keywords: Museums; special events; late opening; visitors' motivations; sustainability, touristic attractions
doi:10.20944/preprints202008.0367.v1 fatcat:7562xybv2narfhvsbwcdbnzjo4