Near Infrared Transillumination Technology as Additional Tool for Prostate Cancer Detection in vitro after Prostatectomy

2016 International Journal of Research Studies in Medical and Health Sciences  
Patients with a diagnosis of prostate cancer are suggested radical prostatectomy in well known cases. After this surgical operation prostatectomy specimens usually are examined histo morphologically. The aim of this examination is detection of the cancer with high accuracy in the prostatectomy specimens and determination its aggressiveness according the Gleason score. This examination would have a significant impact on the prediction of outcomes for patients after surgical operation. The entire
more » ... gland and seminal vesicles are embedded, sectioned, and examined microscopically. This often means 100-120 microscopic sections including several whole-organ sections from the central part of the gland are examined. It is evident that investigation of a histomorphological samples and detection cancerous malignancy is extremely time and labor consumptive task. In this paper we show, that near infrared radiation could be successfully used as a tool for cancerous outgrowths detection in prostatectomy specimens. Thereby, positive correlation between IR findings and macroscopic and microscopic findings could lead to higher accuracy and efficiency of histo morpoholgical investigations.
doi:10.22259/ijrsmhs.0101006 fatcat:bttopnqzmnfhxn6ez67jbupvua