e-22. The Effects of 5-FU against Brain Tumors

Kazuo TAKEUCHI, Masayuki ATSUCHI, Shoji ODA, Minoru JINBO, Takeshi MASUI, Motohide OGASHIWA
1968 Neurologia medico-chirurgica  
cisternad puncture, was studied in dogs. The features of the poisoning wen anorexia, delayed quadriplegia with less involvement of consciousness, urinar3 incontinence and final death. Histopathological studies revealed a high frequenc3 of subarachnoid hemorrhage and spongy degeneration in the medulla oblongat-, and the cervical cord. The severity of the clinical features and the histopathologi. cal findings was grossly parallel to the CSF protein and also to the dosis of mitomycin C
more » ... mycin C administered. Application to human patients with brain tumor was done, utilizing the Ommaya CSF reservoir with its dome subcutaneously and its tip in the anterior horn of the lateral ventricle. The cases were two medulloblastomas, a cerebellar sarcoma and a recurrent pinealoma. After the extensive removal of the tumors, the patients received repeated injections of mitomycin C solution through the Ommaya reservoir. Single dosis of mitomycin C ranged from 5 to 20 mcg/kg and the total period of administration from 35 to 69 days. The protein content in the CSF was determined at each administration. The side effects were anorexia, general fatigue and vomiting with concomitant elevation of the CSF protein. Although the efficacy may not be evaluated at present, this could offer air aid in treatment of brain tumor which tends to spread in the CSF space and the CSF protein would be an indicator for determining the safe dosis. e-22. The Effects of 5-FU against Brain Tumors
doi:10.2176/nmc.10.132 fatcat:6tfh2yoqijg7fhtvb5yxezobqi