Observations of tunnel channels in glacial sediments with shallow land-based seismic reflection

A. Pugin, S. E. Pullan, D. R. Sharpe
1996 Annals of Glaciology  
A regional hydrogeological study conducted by the Geological Survey of Canada acquired 35 line-km of 12-fold seismic reflection profiles on or adjacent to the Oak Ridges moraine, north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The three-dimensional geometry provided by these data aids in understanding the erosional and depositional processes that occurred beneath the Laurentide ice sheet during the late stages of glaciation. The seismic sections indicate large infilled channels in the subsurface which are
more » ... surface which are interpreted as tunnel channels eroded by large, subglacial meltwater discharges. Two seismic profiles from different areas of the moraine show channel-cutting events of different ages and different types of infilling.
doi:10.1017/s026030550001538x fatcat:2ef4bezhufcq5g4mln3t4oqkxe