Payload of T-DM1 binds to cell surface cytoskeleton-associated protein 5 to mediate cytotoxicity of hepatocytes

Yukinori Endo, Kazuyo Takeda, Nishant Mohan, Yi Shen, Jiangsong Jiang, David Rotstein, Wen Jin Wu
2018 OncoTarget  
Off-target toxicity is a major cause of dose-limiting toxicity for antibodydrug conjugates (ADCs), mechanisms of which remain poorly understood. Here, we demonstrate that cytoskeleton-associated protein 5 (CKAP5) serves as a cell surface target for T-DM1 and that binding of T-DM1 to CKAP5 is mediated by payload (DM1). This study introduces a novel molecular mechanism of ADC payload-mediated interaction with cell surface molecules to induce cytotoxicity. Upon binding to CKAP5, T-DM1 causes cell
more » ... embrane damage and leads to calcium influx into the cells, resulting in disorganized microtubule network and apoptosis. While binding of T-DM1 with HER2 is critical for killing HER2-positive tumor cells, our data suggest that cytotoxicity induced by T-DM1 interaction with CKAP5 may preferentially damage normal cells/tissues where HER2 expression is low or missing to cause off-target toxicity. This study provides molecular basis of ADC-induced off-target cytotoxicity and opens a new avenue for developing next generation of ADCs.
doi:10.18632/oncotarget.26461 fatcat:izsyzodzqbcl7b6mummzzfczje