Potencial energético undimotriz en nodos costeros de México Parte 1: estimación energética

Xiomara González-Ramírez, Iván A. Hernández-Robles, Héctor Barrios-Piña
2017 Tecnología y Ciencias del Agua  
The first stage of this investigation explores, analyzes, and estimates the energy potential of waves on the coast of Mexico. The estimation of the energy potential of waves performed by this work provides a preliminary overview for the design of distributed generation systems, which are considered to be useful systems for regional sustainable development. The current technology that uses ocean sources for renewable energy is emerging, making it an attractive option for sustainable energy.
more » ... o is surrounded by two oceans, providing it with great natural, economic, and energy resources. Its territorial waters reach approximately 22.2 km (12 nautical miles) into the sea from the coastline, which is why the analsyis and investigation of wave energy potential in its territorial waters is crucial, in order to fully take advantage of it by converting wave energy into electricity. This work also provides a perspective on attractive places for the challenge of implementing and designing electric micro-networks. The estimation of power and parameters such as significant wave height and periodicity, which were obtained by this work, are used as input data to design linear electric generators, needed devices for the conversion of energy.
doi:10.24850/j-tyca-2017-06-01 fatcat:koax6dvhkzdctogpfmmm757xvy