Prediction of Cr Content in the Martensitic-hardfaced Weldment Utilizing Dilution Rate Analytically Estimated
마르텐사이트계 경화 육성용접부의 희석율 해석을 통한 Cr함량 예측에 대한 연구

Bong-Hun Kim, Chun-Hwan Kim
2014 Journal of Welding and Joining  
High-temperature corrosion resistance of martensitic-hardfaced weldment is generally evaluated by the Cr content depending on dilution rate. Present study used a commercial program(SYSWELD) applying three-dimensional heat flow analysis to predict temperature distribution of weld. Configuration of weld bead can be determined by the contour of melting temperature and simultaneously dilution rate is calculated to predict Cr content. Experimental study also has been conducted to measure Cr content
more » ... measure Cr content of harfaced surface welded by FCAW. Results indicated that computational results were well matched with those obtained from experiments.
doi:10.5781/jwj.2014.32.6.14 fatcat:4xdeaobkvbgjpbdwcjuxhf3d3e