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Shubhjeet Mandal
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India is an immense medicinal plant repository, used in traditional medical treatments. The use of herbal medicine is growing day by day due to toxicity and allopathic drug effects. About 90 percent of the phytochemicals marketed come from wild resources and over 120 major phytochemistry come from plants. Aegle marmelos leaves contained π-sitosterol, aegelin, lupeol, rutin, marmesinine, flavone, glycoside, Oisopentenyl halfordiol, marmeline, and phenylethyl cinnamides. The additional growth
more » ... ditional growth promoters show its effect on tissue culture of plant.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.13336709.v1 fatcat:5kulu3tdxfe57kh56kdvmoudyu