Installation of the superconducting magnets in the HERA tunnel

I. Borchardt, D. Brauer, S. Chermenin, D. Degele, K. Escherich, H.J. Fiebig, H. Grabe, J. Holz, D. Hubert, R. Kus, M. Leenen, H. Maywald (+11 others)
Conference Record of the 1991 IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference  
A bstracf installed magnets with an accuracy of a few mm. The arcs of the proton storage ring of HERA are equipped with superconducting magnets. Installation, manpower involved, and experience gained are described.
doi:10.1109/pac.1991.164469 fatcat:azcp6vwjpzgs5cdxsownx3x54q