Research of a hydrodynamic purifying device of exhaust and effluent gases from toxic components under dynamic conditions of their emissions into the atmosphere

Vadim I. Bespalov, Oksana S. Gurova, Lydmila N. Alekseenko, Anna P. Prokhorova, Y.G. Cen, I.B. Sevostyanov, I. Kudish, M. Minkin, T. Abbasian Najafabadi, H. Khaled, H.-G. Gross, D.A. Nguyen (+3 others)
2018 MATEC Web of Conferences  
The article describes the air purifying device of the "OTPO-9" type, which implements the technology of hydrodynamic purification with a foam method where foam was produced by bubbling. The article considers it as the most environmentally efficient and energy-saving device, based on the results of implementation of the methodology of technology selection for purifying exhaust and effluent gases from toxic components of industrial, public and domestic power units up to 1000 kW developed by the
more » ... developed by the authors. The full-scale laboratory studies of the semiindustrial model of the developed device were carried out by the authors. These studies allowed us to define the nitrogen oxide and sulfur removal efficiency depending on the electric voltage, the shape of the device's side wall in layout, the submersion of inlet and outlet pipe side holes, the ratio of the anode total area to the cathode one. Moreover, the authors have revealed the device scope of application and its advantages. The article states that the proposed device provides environmental safety of the implementation process in comparison with the use of chemical alkaline solutions, which are dangerous for human health and environment.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201822604015 fatcat:sxcjhljlyrcl3mjvzsotbjy2de