International Journal of Allied Practice, Research and Review Khap Panchayat in India: Legitimacy, Reality and Reforms

G Rajpurohit, Anand Prakash
2015 IJAPRR International Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal   unpublished
Khap Panchayats are the self-proclaimed courts which enjoy full legitimacy and authority among the segments of their caste as the custodian of honour. These Panchayats have no constitutional basis and they are not legitimate courts. Under this unconstitutional system, all members crouches around a Chabutara in a village in order to take quick, unilateral and incontestable decision on multiple issues like social transgression, marriage, offences, property rights or regarding situation
more » ... tranquility in a village. It is worrying to note that in the time when people make conversation via 3G technology, the Indian society has regressed to the Dark Age. Today where the society is governed by legal norms and constitutional authorities, the bodies like Khap Panchayat pose impediment to development and good governance. The dictates of Khap Panchayat are praised by the people of particular territory or community in which 'Khap' exists; this is the most crucial impediment for abolition of Khap Panchayat. This paper is an attempt to find out: why do Khaps still exist in India? What is the source of strength of Khap? It presents a detail discussion on the issue and tries to put forward some possible solution.